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akorn’s Terms and Conditions

Upon opening up an e-current account with akorn, you (the person we’ve opened an account for) enter into an agreement with us (akorn). This agreement is between you and akorn, and is governed by our Terms and Conditions.

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PayrNet Ltd Electronic Money Terms and Conditions

akorn is not a bank. Rather, we are an electronic money product and we distribute on behalf of PayerNet Limited. PayerNet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Railsr, hold regulated financial services licenses and payment scheme memberships on behalf of Railsr.

You can find more about PayrNet at https://www.railsr.com/payrnet.

You can view PayrNet Ltd Electronic Money Terms and Conditions for Consumer here.

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Mastercard Holder Terms and Conditions

As an akorn e-current account holder, you have the option to order an akorn Debit card, powered by Mastercard. This is issued by PayrNet Limited, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money.

You can find out more about Mastercard’s Debit card here:


You can find PayrNet Ltd Terms and Conditions for Mastercard Holders here.

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Complaints policy

Follow the link in your app to our complaint form to raise a formal complaint. Once we have received your complaint we will acknowledge this via email. We will then investigate all details of your complaint and issue a response within 15 business days. If you are not happy with our resolution, you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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