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Getting started

To get started with akorn, you must first have the akorn app downloaded on your device . (if you haven’t already done so, follow the link to install the app below).

After downloading and launching the app on your device, select Open an Account

(1) Verify your phone number and email address

Select Get Started to proceed with registration. Fill in your phone number and a valid email address.

A verification code will be sent to your registered phone number and email address. Input the one-time password sent to your phone, and follow the link/use the code provided in your email address.

(2) Let’s Verify your Identity

Once your email and phone number have been verified, you will be prompted to take/upload a picture of your identification document (your national ID) and to capture a selfie for ID verification.

(3) Validate University Enrolment

Select your country of study and university from the dropdown list and take a picture of/upload your enrolment offer. Now, wait while we verify your enrolment!

(4) Finalise and secure your account

Once your ID and enrolment are successfully verified, you will receive an email from us to unlock and secure your account. Hit the Take me to the App button in your email (or use the code provided) to redirect you to the app where you will unlock, finalize and secure your account.

(5) Unlock the full set of features

As soon as you land in the UK, upload your visa with an arrival stamp and unlock all of our cool features.

To get started with akorn, all you need is a smartphone and the following information on hand:

1. Phone number

2. Valid email address

3. Passport

4. University offer letter

If you are a student/prospective student at a selected (UK) university you will qualify for an akorn account.

You can get started by downloading the akorn app on your IOS or Android device here.

Once your enrolment has been validated, you will be prompted to secure your account by creating a 6-digit pin. If supported by your device you will further be prompted to enable biometrics should you wish for an extra layer of security.

As soon as your ID and your enrolment have been verified and you proceed to unlock your account, you will have limited access to akorn. At this stage, you will be able to use your akorn account to:

  • Transfer money into your newly created account
  • Complete payment of your predefined tuition fees
  • Complete payment of any predefined housing fees
  • Download a statement of your account as documentation of your having funds in GBP (this can be helpful for your visa application!)
  • Once your offer letter is verified and you've unlocked entry level access, you can immediately start using your account. At this stage, you'll be able to:
    ✅ View your local account details
    ✅ Top up your account
    ✅ Pay your university fees
    To gain complete access to all features, you'll need to upload your student visa and immigration stamp or your BRP.

Following your arrival to the UK (or your relevant country of study) and upon uploading a picture of your stamped student visa verifying your entry, you will have full access to your akorn account.

Once you have successfully onboarded onto the akorn platform, the details of your tuition fees will be provided to you on the app.

Once you have transferred funds into your newly created account, you will be able to directly transfer money into your university’s account of choice. As these accounts will be automatically set up for you under your payee list, you will not need to manually set up this transfer.

akorn is free! No fees are charged to open an account or to make transactions, nor are there any hidden fees along the way.

My akorn account

Once you have unlocked full access to akorn, you will be able to use your account to:

  • Pay university fees
  • Transfer money into and between your account(s)
  • Set up and manage direct debit
  • Manage outgoing payments
  • Schedule recurring payments
  • Perform FX transactions
  • Manage your finances and set up personalised alerts (low balance alerts, card expiry reminders, transaction and transfer alerts etc)
  • Track your UK student visa application
  • Collect and cash in akoins (learn more about our loyalty scheme below)

You can request a virtual debit card upon validation of your visa.

You can request a physical debit card through the app once you have entered your country of study, verified your Immigration Stamp and therefore gained full access to your akorn account!

To request a physical debit card, visit Cards in your dashboard, Physical Cards, and select Request a Physical Card.

You will need to provide your UK/Ireland address, where your new card will be sent. Doing so will automatically update your registered address under your profile. Upon receipt of your physical card, you will activate your card directly through the app.

Yes. You can use your akorn card both locally and internationally.

You can activate your card by visiting Cards in your dashboard, selecting the card you would like to activate, and tapping Activate Card. For a physical card, input the token number printed on the card. The status of your card should now be marked as ‘active’.

All transactions related to any of your akorn cards can be viewed directly in the app. Searching for specific transactions is made easy with the option to filter transactions by date, amount, and/or credit vs debit transactions, and to perform a text search.

In the event that your card is lost or stolen, you should freeze or cancel the card via the app.

If you have forgotten your pin, you can retrieve it securely via the app.

Select the card for which you have forgotten your pin under Cards and tap view Pin. For your security, your pin will be displayed on your screen following your re-authentication (using your application pin or FaceID) until 30 seconds elapse.

Transactions, transfers & top ups

Using akorn, you can transfer money in and out of your accounts with security, ease and at highly competitive rates! The source and/or destination accounts of transactions include both on platform accounts (i.e. payments to and from akorn accounts) and off platform accounts (i.e. payments to and from any local, international or digital bank).

Payments to your university can be made by selecting Pay a bill on your app home screen. Select the account from which you wish to pay your university bill from the From Account dropdown list. Your university account details should be automatically populated and displayed in the biller field.

Payment of your university fees can be scheduled payments and/or set up as recurring payments through the app.

You can transfer money into your akorn account from any international account at any time using an external debit card (including debit cards of a different currency) .

Simply tap Top Up under the relevant account in Accounts, and enter the amount you wish to deposit. You will then be promoted to type in the details of the debit card you are topping up from. Once verified and confirmed, you will be notified that your account has been successfully topped up and presented with the option to download or share the receipt.

Once you have access to a fully functional akorn account , you will be able to transfer money between your own accounts (if you have multiple) and to new or existing external accounts.

Simply select Transfer from the app home screen and choose the Transfer Out option. If you are transferring money to a new beneficiary , make sure to have their IBAN or Account number & Sort code on hand.

Direct debit must be set up with merchants (the biller) directly by providing them with your account information:

  • Using akorn, you can prepare the details of your direct debit within the Direct Debit tab by selecting the account to be debited.
  • Once you have selected the relevant account, details of the direct debit will be generated and displayed on your application (your name, address, and account details) ready for you to copy into your online application.
  • From the app, you can also manage direct debit payments. Under Direct Debits , you will be able to view a list of all direct debit payments that have occurred as well as all direct debit mandates available on your account. You may choose to cancel any of these mandates at any point in time.

Yes, you can schedule payments using akorn.

Before completing a transfer, you will have the option to select the date on which you want the payment to leave your account.

Yes, you can set up recurring payments using akorn.

When completing a payment, you will be prompted to:

  • Fill in the frequency of the payment (once, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, at the end of each month, bimonthly, quarterly or yearly)
  • Set an end date, either directly or by specifying the number of desired executions.

To transfer money of a different currency into your akorn account, a currency conversion rate will be presented to you in the app via a calculator that will calculate the GBP/EUR amount you will receive. You will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to transfer in the same currency as that of your akorn account (GBP or EUR). The exchange rate at the time of transfer and associated fees will also be provided.

To transfer money from your akorn account to an external account in a different currency, choose an amount in the currency you wish to transfer. You will be presented with the equivalent GBP/EUR amount to transfer and the real time exchange rate.

asked questions

akorn is not a bank. We are an electronic money product. The akorn Debit Mastercard is issued by PayrNet Limited. PayrNet Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (reference no. 900594) for the issuing of electronic money.

An e-current account is an online current account that stores money in electronic form, known as e-money. E-current accounts can offer the same features and benefits as online bank accounts. An akorn e-current account can be used in the same way as an online bank account: to manage your money, make purchases, withdrawals and contactless payments.

A direct debit is an automated payment method where you give someone else, a “merchant”, authority to withdraw money from your account at regular intervals. Think regular payments like bills, mortgages, gym memberships…

The beneficiary of a payment or transfer is the person (or entity) who will receive that payment — the recipient of a transfer.

akoins are a way for us to reward your valued loyalty.

While you use akorn you will be able to collect akoins simply by using your akorn card at specific merchants or by referring friends to the platform.

Through the app you will be able to view a list of all akoins received, and redeem these akoins to receive a Cashback monetary reward into your preferred account!

Yes! akorn supports both Apple and Google Pay.

If you notice a transaction you do not recognise, you can raise it for investigation through the app. You can dispute a transaction by tapping on the Dispute icon within the transaction’s details.

When a dispute is submitted, you will receive a reference for the dispute along with a confirmation that the dispute has been sent for review.

Make sure to turn on your dispute alert notifications in the app so that you are notified following a change in the status of your dispute!

akorn account is a product regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We ensure that any funds received by you are held in a segregated account so that in the unlikely event that PayrNet Limited becomes insolvent your funds will be protected against claims made by creditors.

Contact Us

You can communicate with a customer service agent via your akorn Inbox. You can find your Inbox within the More section of the app, where you can create and send a new message, view existing messages or send a message or attachment to an existing thread. Make sure to turn on your notifications to be alerted upon receipt of a message from us.

Alternatively, our customer service team can be reached at .

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